Pool Alarms

Maximum Safety. Minimum False Alarms.

With safety there is no compromise.  Aqua Sensor fall detecting pool alarms are the top rated alarm by Good Housekeeping for a reason -- they work.  Both the Swim Alert and Espio models accurately detect when an 18-pound or greater person or pet enters the pool, either by accident, or without your permission.  A loud (100db) alarm is sounded at poolside as well as an 85db alarm inside the house to alert you to the situation.

Aqua Sensor's proprietary sub-surface pulse anlaysis technology can distinguish between true water disruption and water surface "noise."  The result is an absolute minimum of false alarms, which are a nuisance and also can deter pool owners from keeping the system armed.

There are two Aqua Sensor models.  The Swim Alert is quick and easy to install at poolside. It's sleek design and small size offer a low profile at the pool's edge while providing positive protection.  The Espio is the only fall detecting alarm designed to fit under the pool coping where it is out of sight and out of the way.  This not only preserves the pool's appearance, but is also ideal for pools with automatic covers.

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Swim Alert

Fall Detecting Pool Alarm
The Swim Alert poolside detection alarm unit installs quickly and easily at the top of your pool. Its small size and low profile preserve the overall pool appearance.


A Breakthrough in Detection, Dependability and Design
The Espio poolside detection alarm unit is the only system that can be installed under the pool coping where it is out of sight and out of the way.