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Crystal Clear Cleaning Results

With multi-layer filtration and super active brushing action, the T Series scrubs away algae and bacteria as it captures even ultra-fine dirt.

Dual-level Filtration icon - T Series - Maytronics

Dual-level Filtration

Dual-level filtering ensures clog-free operation in any pool conditions. Use the net filter at the start of season to clear rough debris; for regular use, catch fine and rough dirt with the ultra-fine filter cartridge.

CleverClean<sup>TM</sup> Coverage + Gyro = Precise Navigation icon - T Series - Maytronics

CleverCleanTM Coverage + Gyro = Precise Navigation

Advanced scanning software and gyroscopic navigation system ensure floors and walls are fully covered using the most efficient route. The Dolphin automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its cleaning pattern

Effortless Operation

Top-access filtration system - with quick, no-mess emptying and washing.

Easy to Handle icon - Maytronics Easy to Handle

The T Series makes removing it from your pool easy with its fast clean-water release feature and lightweight, ergonomic design.

Express Support icon - Maytronics Express Support

We design Dolphins for fast, easy fixes. Your dealer can repair and replace most parts quickly in-house.

Simplified Maintenance icon - Maytronics Simplified Maintenance

Top-access filter with quick, no-mess emptying and cleaning. Couldn’t be easier.

Classification categories

Choosing the right robot for your pool can be confusing. We've made it easy by grouping our robots into four distinguished classes. Now you can match the right robot with your pool and cleaning expectations. To learn more about the Classification categories Click here

Peace of Mind

You want your pool to be a source of pleasure, relaxation and minimal effort. We understand. As the pioneers in robotic pool cleaners, we’ve been focused on providing exceptional pool experiences for over 30 years, around the world. It’s the peace of mind we provide Dolphin users that has enabled us to maintain our market leading position.

Explore The T Series

Find the model that best fits your specific needs. No matter your choice, rest assured you’ll get an exceptional experience with crystal-clean results, effortless operation for pool peace of mind.

"Works wonderfully. Named him "Flipper" and he does a GREAT job. I love that I can put him in and walk away to do other things and know that after 2-3 hours my pool is super clean and ready to go." -Cindy Lindeman, WI

"I have used Dolphin cleaners since 2003. That Dolphin served me well for 12 years without a problem. The time came to replace the cleaner. My decision was easy. I purchased the Dolphin M500." -Jerry Filippone, IL